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New Hardware Analog Monosynth Coming Soon
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GTRman    Said...

Finally companies are making analog synths with built in efx like reverb and delay. Analog Four has both and it sounds great. This synth has all the bells and whistles and patch storage. Yahoo

17-Oct-13 06:54 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Whats not to like!? It even has a cool name! (anythings gota be better than moob lil fatty)

However, it's all meaningless until we know the price. Much change from two thousand GBP?

17-Oct-13 10:19 AM

selercs    Said...

16 poly, 16 multitimbral rack real-analog (alesis andromeda rack)...for the price of a Prophet 12.. where is it?

18-Oct-13 10:12 AM

xyzzy    Said...

The specs sound great! Sure wish the Dark Energy had a noise generator, etc... The knobs and typeface don't suit my tastes : But sound is king!

21-Oct-13 12:37 PM

factual act    Said...

Despite what it offers in features i'm put off by the ott decor. If i had to stare at all that errm (What is that font, i think i have it on my pc), it would irritate me. Looks aren't everything but i'm put off by that kind of thing. Tone it down a bit eh !

21-Oct-13 02:59 PM

Chris Simmons    Said...

layout reminds me of the Jomox SunSyn ...

21-Oct-13 05:52 PM

Tom    Said...

I'm pretty sure that's the infamous "impact" font. If so, then surely all the fascia lacks is a picture of a kitten and a cheese burger.


04-Nov-13 11:39 AM

selercs    Said...

Why are all of you so excited? Still no demos on the website...wish they wouldn't announce it before they have something ready. Reminds me of Waldorf and Kurzweil (VA1).

05-Nov-13 11:08 AM

Maysam    Said...

Here are all the demos already published mate!:

06-Dec-13 03:59 AM

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