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Pippapiechart    Said...

Have not come across this idea before but yes you are right it is everywhere. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

16-Oct-13 12:57 AM

blox electrix    Said...

Yes ! I recently mentioned this in so many words to a bunch of people on a forum because so many people are miffed at waiting too long for a product to arrive at retail so long after its first unveiling at a show. I had to point out that we have the advantage of seeing the product much earlier than we ever used to. It's worth keeping sight of this point because most products take an age to get from prototype to full production. We actually get the video footage directly from the trade show. Some thing that never used to happen.

18-Oct-13 11:53 AM

Matthew Tanner    Said...

Hi Pippa, thanks for your comment. There is 'a lot of it about' I agree, which is a good thing.

Hi Blox, very interesting point, and thanks for making it. I suppose we do get wind of new kit much earlier these days because of all the footage from trade shows, and blogs, and Twitter and the rest. It serves to whet our appetites (and gear lust) at a much earlier stage. The downside, as you say, is that it seems like we have far longer to wait until it reaches the stores.

I suppose that the longer time we spend waiting does give us more of an opportunity to decide if the product is right for us...

23-Oct-13 05:11 AM

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