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Oberheim Synth Recreated For iPad
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Bruce    Said...

Has anybody tried this with iPad 1 yet to see if it will work at all?

09-Oct-13 06:49 PM

Stu_Art    Said...

Works, looks and sounds great on iPad 2.

Interesting that there is no mention of Tabletop support/ integration as per iMini...hopefully soon

10-Oct-13 12:16 AM

SynthArt    Said...

iPad 1 is officially not supported, but works since iOS 5 is supported. You can get about 2 voices polyphony on an iPad 1 which is better than iMini.

10-Oct-13 01:30 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Who cares. I have about a dozen amazing synths on my iPad and never use any of them. It's so difficult to integrate iPad music apps into any earnest music work flow that I've given up.

to boot, adaptors, protocols and OS's changins so often I can't keep up.

Designers shoudl make all of these availabel for PC and Mac and be done with this iPad nonsence.

10-Oct-13 04:02 AM

G. Miller-Red for Love    Said...

Maybe I'll ditch the Synthtopia site because those are a buncha vicious commenters...anyway, I think this is a darn good synth, especially with a pair of good headphones. Yeah, I said on the other site: Why isn't it Tabletop ready, Why wasn't there a data display detailing what parameter I am currently tweaking, Why isn't there a recorder (I know this is of a lesser concern but none the less why)...everything else about it ROCKS!

10-Oct-13 06:15 AM

G. Miller-Red for Love    Said...

Yeah Synth_Fan, I hear you there, many times I feel the same. From my experience, I REALLY miss my Motif ES. What I am trying to say is that hardware is pretty damn direct, triumphing over software in all it's shapes and forms...far too many issues with software and virtual this and that. I am trying to approach my iPads as separate pieces of hardware for separate tasks: one iPad for configurable external control of my sequence in a performance paradigm, one iPad for realtime vocal processing or as a stand alone synth, and the other (more recent generation) for synth horsepower. I have taken to the mindset of the iPad integrated in a productive studio setting as this: a piece of hardware that one can configure as need be.

10-Oct-13 06:35 AM

RP    Said...

Ha, couldn't have written it better myself. I have spent so much on iPad synths, sequencers, effects etc...and it always just seems cumbersome actually integrate any of it. I'll noodle around on some app from time to time but it always seems like a hassle to transfer the audio files via iTunes etc.

And yes, I truly have become lazy in that regard, when I think about how years ago I worked daily with my MPC2K and happily moving data back and forth via floppy and now plugging in a usb cable is a bridge too far, very sad

10-Oct-13 07:55 AM

G. Miller-Red for Love    Said...

Hey y'all I just started a discussion on Apple Forums entitled "The State of iPad Music Making" Please do check it out and let's get the ball rolling!

10-Oct-13 10:27 AM

G. Miller-Red for Love    Said...

Well, nix just said I can't poet feature requests on the forum as it's for technical questions or something like that...sorry

10-Oct-13 10:29 AM

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