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Add Analog Tape Noise To Your Tracks
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NoNoise    Said...

Yeah -- okay -- NOW I've seen it all. TAPE NOISE PLUG-INS?! Are they KIDDING?!

Here's a brief webinar for you kiddos who never had to use dbx noise "reduction" systems back in the 1980s and 90s -- they sucked. And the noise? It wasn't quite as bad as the "noise reduction" -- but it was no picnic either.

We have spent the last thirty years trying to eradicate all noise from our sound recordings. We have finally gotten to the point at which even cheap-o sonic gear sounds pretty damned good -- and what do we get?

We get INTENTIONAL clipping -- INTENTIONAL vinyl noise -- and now --


Great going. Let's all just throw out our fancy computers and go with the REAL THING --

Let's get Tascam to bring back the PortaStudio. I mean the old CASSETTE-based ones -- with glorious four tracks of crap (two if you count one track for FSK, and one as a buffer to make sure that the FSK doesn't cause ear-bleeding crosstalk...)

Jeez-Louise. Give me a break.

04-Oct-13 12:25 PM

JoyousSound    Said...

One point NoNoise didn't realize in his post. Now we're used to recording in digital domain, because it's easier. But we miss the sound quality of the analog. So, there is demand for these kind of plug-ins. I'm not sure if I want to bring any additional noise to my audio but analog style clipping and distortion works for the stuff that I do!

06-Oct-13 07:25 PM

brian from usa    Said...

Hiss, wow and flutter are NOT what we want to get back into our digital recordings. Tape saturation, OK I can see that but this is ridiculous. Forward into the past.

08-Oct-13 06:23 AM

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