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Maschine Studio First Look
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Model 500    Said...

This is like a very glorified simon says toy.It is not a stand alone sound source/sequencer. It has no audio outputs. It seems like a joke really. However slickly advertised. Let us see it with a break out box with eight outputs. This is style over audio substance. Flashing lights don't sell me gear.

02-Oct-13 05:55 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I agree, you still need a computer so you are buying a controller (a very cool controller I must say)and software for $1,000.00. NI is on the right track to a complete studio in a box but they are still not there yet. This new one is out of my price range for for this type of system. Computers are expensive. I am also looking at Elektron products (Analog Four & Octatrack). They are stand alone hardware devices without the need for a CPU but they also have there downfalls. You still cannot beat a Roland G or a Korg Kronos for an all in one instrument & studio. Studios in a box are very cool and I can't wait to see what is coming next.

02-Oct-13 07:15 AM

Rp    Said...

Maschine was somewhat the first true controller/software integrated design, the two work fluidly together and in time you really do not even need to look at the computer screen again. That was the usp of it. I've been using the MK1 for years now and its workflow was untouched. A less 'self contained' unit that allows extension via plugins etc is a much smarter model imho, which is why most of the self contained models went the way of the dinosaur and akai and push decided to go the 'smart controller' route. (i've owned many mpcs in my time and havent touched them since maschine arrived, i also own push and its pretty great but just as 'controller-esque)

I think Studio looks really interesting, the color screens are beautiful, but $1000 might just be too high a price point for most. I also think there might be a lot of people who bought the mark 2 controller who might be unhappy with how quick this was released.

All in all though, they will sell lots of them for sure, already quite a buzz around the user community

02-Oct-13 09:43 AM

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