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Native Instruments Maschine Studio: Dual Colour Screens And More
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OnImpulse    Said...

Hooooray!!!!!! Finally multicore.

But really hope there will be a better upgrade path for Maschine/Komplete9 owners. :-/

01-Oct-13 11:08 AM

Eightoutputs    Said...

This may lead to a great product when it is a standalone unit with eight audio outputs, for me this is crap and does nothing anywhere like what an Akai MPc 2500 can do. Are those flashing 'simon says' lights meant to help us ignore the fact it is not an audio source. Crap x ten.

01-Oct-13 11:14 AM

selercs    Said...

I agree with Eightoutputs. I would like to see NI start making solid hardware audio machines and integrate their software into it as a stand alone unit...with interfacing to the PC. Having external dedicated hardware would be much better and reliable than taxing computer's general purpose CPU.

01-Oct-13 11:30 AM

@missingsample    Said...

I'm a Maschine Mikro user, and I can see Studio failing big. I mean a jog dial when one should be able to control fx on touchscreen? I also agree with the disappointment of Studio not being standalone product.

01-Oct-13 02:19 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I have Maschine MK2 and use it within Cubase 6. I would of liked to have seen a Maschine controller that is just a vst sampler. NI sounds are great but there sequencer, effects and mixer are not. Let the professional DAW do that work. You just cannot beat the power built into Cubase and other professional DAW's.

01-Oct-13 03:01 PM

Douglas    Said...

Great we need a Ni daw

02-Oct-13 06:30 AM

Montychristo402    Said...

I know I have been leaving a lot of anti-NI posts on these forums lately, but the Maschine Studio is making me think positive of them once again.

So what if NI can't do everything that Ableton and Push can! They at least have a huge laser-like focus around what they can do. For me, I'm a musician, and I want to get my songs recorded. Using a traditional linear DAW would be very daunting for me. I tried Ableton for a while, but none of the sounds were that inspiring and it would still take me a long time to record everything. I'm a guitarist, and I would need Push to do any other parts (and I would have a lot to learn to be able to program and use it.)

This new Maschine may not be a DAW, but I see that as actually a plus for me. I can just record music on the hardware itself or via an external interface for vocals and my electric guitar. (I already have a Line 6 POD HD 500, but I may switch it out for a Rig Kontrol or a 12 Step and a TriplePlay). Furthermore, the hardware and software already come together for two hundred less than Push and Live 9 Suite together. I can lay down and modify tracks very quickly with much tighter integration - and NI's sound design is bar none. Furthermore, I can bounce the tracks to my friend's DAW (he knows how to record, mix, etc.) when I want to get them mixed and mastered. Plus, I can easily take this to perform live with as well if I choose.

Ableton may be a jack of all trades, but quantity is not always quality. NI may be lacking some features, but they make stuff that sounds awesome and plays awesome, which is probably why Maschine took off fast in the first place.

04-Oct-13 08:16 AM

bigboyproductions    Said...

i really wish they added touch screen to this and would be nice to have it as a stand alone mixer without the pc, like the mpcs....

but regardless they should have made it touch screen and incorporate some of imaschine features because that app is dope!

01-Nov-13 04:59 AM

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