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DSI Tempest Analog Drummachine as Poly Synth
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Mattsynth    Said...

The Tempest has been a tough decision for me. I have watched every uTube video and was not too impressed with the drum sounds. I know it is capable of producing great analog synth sounds (because I have a Prophet 08) but the drums seem weak to me. I wish there was one in my local music store so I could play and hear it for myself. For the meantime I have purchased NI Maschine and that produces "in your face drums" with tons of built in effects. I sample drums sounds I have created from my Eurorack modular synth and they sound great in my tracks. Maybe some day I will get a chance to play a Tempest.

27-Sep-13 07:00 AM

Dreamprobe    Said...

Nice video! Here's some more video, that I did last year, exploring the synth part of the Tempest:


27-Sep-13 01:02 PM

Rik    Said...

desert island synth! that settles it. take my money Dave

27-Sep-13 09:21 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

What controller is that?

28-Sep-13 12:07 AM

Tunebunny    Said...

I had ni battery and got a tempest, never used battery since. If you dont tweak the sample in battery or just add some saturation it sounds fine, everything else is endless fumbling to find the sweet spot. Tempest got individual outs and will bring out the best of your effects

28-Sep-13 05:55 AM

Charly    Said...


Arturia Analog Experience

28-Sep-13 02:08 PM

Joossens    Said...

@Mattsynth, I have a Tempest and I also bought an NI Maschine. I got rid of the the Maschine almost immediately whereas I still have the Tempest. I have some other synths that I may be parting with soon including a Moog Voyager and a Prophet 08. The Tempest stays. To my ear it's a snarling beast when it comes to bass and drum sounds. That's not to even mention the synth that comes with it. It's also lots of fun to play around with. You really do need to sit down with one in person before you can make a rational decision whether to buy one. I have to say I don't really like the idea of everyone in the world having one because it wouldn't so much like a "secret weapon" anymore. Then again it would get treated with lots of updates and added features. So it's a toss-up there. They aren't cheap so that does limit the market quite a bit. I do wish it had an SD card slot so you could easily add to the sound library.

01-Oct-13 08:22 PM

selercs    Said...

Mattsynth, you must be kidding! :) I heard all the Arturia and NI stuff against the Tempest. Tempest simply sounds so warm and fat. The others sound a bit punchier but is sterile and digital without character or warmth like the Tempest.

02-Oct-13 12:37 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

Thanks for all the return comments. I guess I will have to listen to the Tempest in person to really hear what it can do. I can never find one in a store near me. I am happy to see so many people that like the Tempest because it is American made by Dave Smith and that is a good thing these days. By the way Joossen you should not sell your Voyager or Prophet 08. Both are my most favorite synths of all time. That would be a tremendous loss that you will regret later.

03-Oct-13 06:57 AM

emma    Said...

What's the keyboard you're using?

05-Jan-14 03:41 PM

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