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Podcast: Sonic TALK 331 - Hello, Is Mr Thump There?
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Leslie    Said...

Very informative and enjoyable as ever. Thank you. iOS 7 and Inter-App Audio Sonic Touch next? Very soon i hope ;)

27-Sep-13 05:57 PM

Tronam    Said...

Did any of you see that cool remix/cover that Em-One just did of one of his own songs using only the iPhone Propellerhead Figure app? Just search YouTube for "em one remix" and it'll be the first result. Pretty fun example of people's resourcefulness with these iOS music apps.

27-Sep-13 06:50 PM

John    Said...

Hi guys. I donĀ“t wont to come across as too critical, but lately the technical discussion regarding making the podcast itself has taken over completely. An I dont mean just this one when things goes wrong... I am sure I am not alone in still listening to the audio only podcast and I wish you would focus more on the content and not on how you manage skype and HD and whatnot. That said I still enjoy the parts that are still about music tech and such. But it is so interrupted now with meta talk about podcast making that it is getting too much. Sorry, and good luck!

09-Oct-13 06:33 AM

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