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There's Nothing Wrong With An Addiction To Buying Guitar Gear, Honest
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Matthew Tanner    Said...

Hi Rich, I'm with you on this - up to a point. My only nagging concern is that GAS can turn into an addiction - an actual addiction - which is probably OK so long as you can feed it. I remember my Mum getting cross with my Dad because he came back with a shiny new set of golf clubs when we couldn't afford to pay the rent... there was one hell of a row.

28-Sep-13 02:56 AM

Giancarlo, Genoa - Italy    Said...

Hi Rich, I totally agree with you. In my music life I have purchased and used something like 30 different guitars and 24 of them are still with me today - those discarded weren't up to my expectations at one stage. The others ? I love them all and that's why they're with me still today and I know that a few others will join the club soon (I had 4 in 2013 so far) so I wouldn't call mine an addiction but love for nice pieces of arts that can let your mind fly without any boundary and that's really great and unpayable.

03-Oct-13 02:55 AM

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