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New Waldorf Synth
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Peter K.    Said...

PLEASE do a review, Nick! The original Pulse sounded astonishingly good. I'd love to hear what you think of this one.

25-Sep-13 11:42 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Yes! You've never reviewed any Waldorf gear before... the Pulse is simple and fun, we promise! (ssshhh, don't mention the mod matrix)

25-Sep-13 01:56 PM

gridsleep    Said...

Why has Waldorf abandoned the 19" rack? Other companies at least tried to accommodate their tabletop entries to rack modulation, such as Yamaha TG33, Access Virus C, and Novation Nova, with adapters. Waldorf used to love the rack. Now they seem to love the cluttered desk. Sounds splendid, but is there a rack adapter available? You'd have to use one of those pull out shelf units, and then your rack starts looking like something from IKEA.

27-Sep-13 05:48 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

Wow...Having a plethora of multimode filtering, with resonace, mod modes, and the one i really want to hear is this newbie PWM flavoured mode, which sounds on paper like heavy duty modular territory.. all in all, what a beautiful spec. One is good to get going with, but two of these in tandem, and a really good software editor, and you can cook up some very verytasty sonic stewpots.

01-Oct-13 11:19 AM

AKA    Said...

I bought it and I went back to the shop after 1 week. Compared the sound with the Pulse 1. Pulse 2 is a joke. Sounds super thin and lifeless.

20-Nov-13 05:02 AM

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