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Microsoft Limited Edition Surface 2 Music Creation System
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RP    Said...

For functional and pretty stable enterprise systems (AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server) after years of working with their solutions I have to say that haters aside Microsoft own that market.

Having said that, they just cannot do 'cool'. You cannot be Microsoft during the week and Apple on the weekend.

Prediction, next to no musicians will flock to this

25-Sep-13 10:38 AM

Jordan Rudess    Said...

It's great!

25-Sep-13 04:13 PM

al_bot    Said...

Sweet! Jordan Rudess endorsed this! It must be GOLD!

Tired of all the microsoft bashing. Yeah, they don't make exciting stuff, but they have stuff that meet certain needs.

I may get one or the lenova yoga once it gets haswell.

25-Sep-13 06:08 PM

montychristo86    Said...

It's great if Windows works for you. However, there's a reason I - and many other creatives - don't choose PC or Microsoft.

What I know about Apple is that they design everything of theirs from a humanistic point of view. It may seem draconian to some how they make everything seem "proprietary" or "limited", but that is why Apple is so successful today. They create their stuff to be an enjoyable, relatable experience where everything works together in an extremely predictable way. PCs do still boast more tech, but the average creative is not a techie.

Very little changes from when you are a child and you gravitate towards a playful, shiny toy - it's just plain easier to have fun with. For example, one wouldn't enjoy playing with Legos if they didn't fit together, would they? Same goes with musicians and their instruments and equipment. If I had to read a huge textbook-size manual to operate guitar amp or dive through complex menus to change one setting on a synth, I'd be like, "Screw this!"

Bottom Line: Microsoft is good at complexity and technology, but when it comes to creativity, fun and ease of use on a system-wide level Apple is hard core (pun obviously intended).

27-Sep-13 11:05 AM

loneraver    Said...

Well since I'm fluent on both Mac and PC but prefer PC a bit more, I guess I can't be the creative type.

I guess I'll go back to being uncreative on my PC then.

I'll leave you with two comments.

1) A tool is a tool and it's only as good as it's user.

2) in the words of Louis CK, "Everything is amazing and nobody is happy."

28-Sep-13 07:49 PM

Montychristo86    Said...

@loneraver: I apologize if I did offend you. I wasn't making any suggestion that PC users are not creative. I was just stating my opinions based on my personal experience and the trends happening in the world of technology.

28-Sep-13 11:18 PM

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