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Sonic LAB Review: Akai MPX8 Sample Player
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sonic spotter alert    Said...

iOS MP4 download link broken :(

23-Sep-13 07:12 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Of course, if you have an iPad, you would have much of this functionality (minus the touch sensitivity and aftertouch) on the iMPC app, would you not?

24-Sep-13 12:40 AM

Lou    Said...

Sorry Nick, you keep saying the samples are "timed" I don't know if you mean you pre-recorded them at a specific bpm to match each other, or if you mean the samples are quantised to the beat when playe? You mention ths twice - at the end of your (lovely) performance, and in the outdo for the video.

24-Sep-13 07:01 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry, I mean my samples are cut to bar lengths which means they will sync when triggered at the same time. The MPX8 does not do anything internally to quantize or snap. Its just that my samples were all Xbars length at the same tempo

24-Sep-13 09:35 AM

Patrick Stapleton    Said...

I am looking to use one of these devices on stage to trigger samples. I am wondering if anyone knows of a device I can attach to a music stand on which to place this device?

23-Oct-13 08:49 PM

Crepper of MPC    Said...

Just picked one of these up and am slightly disappointed with the velocity sensitivity. It's so random that I'd like to switch it off entirely. Unfortunately, that is not an option... Maybe in a firmware update?

25-Nov-13 04:40 AM

Jacko    Said...

Got a new arranger keyboard which includes sampling, but whose manual seems to be written in obscure technical jargon.

So bought this MPX8 and was enjoying playing around on it within a few minutes. Hope to link it with my keyboard to see if I can pick out own bass and percussion runs.

Well pleased. Not to nit-pick, but intend to replace the USB charger lead for a right-angle one, as it sticks out at the unit end and seems vulnerable.

06-Dec-13 10:45 AM

Robert    Said...

Strange that the resolution of Reverb and Volume are so coarse at only 1-10, reminds me of some of the crappier kit from the 80's, too bad it's 2014, what an odd choice!

26-Jan-14 10:37 PM

sinec    Said...

I've seen better samplers fall out of christmas crackers.

02-Feb-14 10:00 AM

John    Said...

Dose it have tempo option for the samples that we load??

20-Mar-14 10:22 AM

Ruslan    Said...

Bad things about it. 1) Amount of time for loading kits equals length all loops. I loaded kit with one loop about 1 min and others around 2-4 sec. So it takes more than one minute. 2) Bad adapter. I hear noise. 3) When I don't push any buttons or pads during about 10 minutes sound sometimes disappears. May be it is only with my unit. 4) When I export files (16/44.1 stereo) from my DAW which is Studio One 2 and load them in mpx8 the last one can not play it. It writes mistake. So I need to covert this ".wav" files to same file extension with another program and only then sampler starts to recognize this files. Again maybe it is only with this DAW.

29-Jun-14 02:30 PM

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