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Josh Homme Tells Jay Z He Should F**k Off
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Not Jay Z    Said...

From now on, Josh Homme is my Hero...great

20-Sep-13 05:47 PM

Funkdefino    Said...

I agree with everything he said but i take exception with:

"They were just some rented dudes who were probably watching the trash area at the movie theater before".

Is he implying that he's better than them? Simply put those guys were doing their job, doing what they were told.

Take issue with event organizer, not the hired hands implementing bad rules.

21-Sep-13 12:58 AM

yrag    Said...

Sorry, but Josh Home comes off as the prickly jackass even as he's the one telling the story.

21-Sep-13 02:18 PM

Woo    Said...

Jay Z, trying to become as relevant as Puff Daddy.

21-Sep-13 08:39 PM

ACAB    Said...

Jay z, what a joke.Who buys that cunts records.

22-Sep-13 03:37 PM

acab    Said...

Since when has Puff daddy been relevant. That parasite , buys his blood diamonds, the tries to pretend he gives a fuck about 'niggers and black identity' .

23-Sep-13 05:19 AM

None Blacker    Said...

"H e l l o C l e v e l a n d........."

23-Sep-13 09:16 AM


Ugh... He was happy enough to take the gig and get paid. If he really wanted to take a stand and diss someone he could have picked some seriously nasty useless people, but no he gets uppity about his rock star image being sullied by a man who does business a lot better than he does.

24-Sep-13 07:14 AM

selercs    Said...

I am a metal and electronic fan - not into rap. But even I think that Josh Homme is a prig. I can't believe the amount of haters here.

In this day and age, better be safe than sorry. Security is important unless you are an NRA terrorist nut who thinks his gun is more important than dead children or civilians.

24-Sep-13 11:37 AM

dumponpunks    Said...

Jay Z is one ugly MF'er and his monkey cage "entourage" is just a bunch of nucking figgers who get paid nothing for hanging out with this dipship who makes filthy rhymes with a rhythm box for a living. Why not leave REAL MUSICIANS alone, JZ, and go find your fan base at the zoo?

05-Oct-13 12:17 PM

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