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Podcast: Sonic TALK 330 - Now in HD
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Ununseptium    Said...

The HD works really great in YouTube. One caveat being that the lip sync is out. In other news: For a link between flight decks and synths, look no further than the Silver Apples album cover 'Contact'. Great story behind that one as well.

19-Sep-13 07:47 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, need to reset the system delay to compensate, will sort that for next time, amongst a few other things.

19-Sep-13 07:49 AM

xyzzy    Said...

FANTASTIC video quality! I can almost see the branding on Dave's headphones. :)

>> I don't see that latency should be a problem given the speed of wi-fi and Bluetooth

Unfortunately latency and bandwidth are very different things:

19-Sep-13 08:42 AM

OnImpulse    Said...

One of my favourite episodes and one of those which got me finally hooked on Sonic TALK:

246 - Grumpy Old Synthesists (ugliest synths, biggest keyboard rig)

Love myself a good synthtalk, plus it's a double-Dave-week. ;-)

19-Sep-13 09:59 AM

John P Shea    Said...

Hi Guys,

My favourite Sonic TALK episode, and God only knows which one it was, featured Mark Tinley describing his wife-to-be's appreciation of his Akai S900 (S1000?) data entry wheel dexterity.

Second favourite episode was of coarse Mark throwing an S1000 out the window. I've been wondering if the same sampler was present at both events for some time now!

Regards, JPS

19-Sep-13 11:09 PM

Tronam    Said...

There have been so many great SonicTalk segments over the years, but if I had to single one out, it would probably have to be in episode 217 when Gaz writes and records a song on the spot in 5 minutes. It was such a fantastic slice of frenetic creativity.

20-Sep-13 01:20 AM

Chris P    Said...

I really love the look on Nick's face in the very beginning of every show - before the intro. On the one hand it's making me very happy, because I know the show will start in a minute; on the other hand the tension on Nick's face is a great intro into a real, live, full-of-suprises show :)

20-Sep-13 01:55 PM

L56    Said...

My favourite episode featured Mark Tinley telling a story of impressing the girls by having a speaker in (up?) his trouwers.

A few episodes later lots of Sonic Talk soundbites got remixed and it prominently featured Mark's trouser speaker quote.

20-Sep-13 02:52 PM

Studio 139    Said...

The HD looks great, it makes the podcast even more enjoyable. I would love to see a sub phatty or voyager or even a prophet made with military grade hardware.

Regarding the blue tooth midi, does Novation make a blue tooth keyboard controller already? For other gear I would think a dongle design would be better than a device that requires a cable...

22-Sep-13 01:16 AM

Doug McGee    Said...

So hard to pick a favorite sonic talk segment.

I think one of my favorite ones is sonic talk number 177 when you were talking about the drum gloves and Dave Spears talked about wanting to walk up and punch any drummer wearing gloves. That got me laughing out loud.

26-Sep-13 12:07 AM

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