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The Most Affordable MPC Ever
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WaveFormTX    Said...

This is NOT an MPC, it's a controller. Talk about bastardizing a name to push cheap products

17-Sep-13 08:25 PM

selercs    Said...

Jeez. Waveform, why so negative? Its not just the controller...but the entire package, in case you haven't read. It comes with 1GB of sounds. Hardware is becoming less and less necessary with the exception of real analogs and workstation synths.

18-Sep-13 06:55 AM

Eau1983    Said...

I agree with Waveform. The success of the MPC line from inMusic Brands Inc. following the MPC5000 was predicated and dependent on "MPC" brand recognition despite the fact that they were charging similar prices for, what are essentially, glorified midi controllers.

This is less a commentary on the march of technological standards and more a shared perception on how inMusic Brands Inc. are exploiting their consumer base by foisting midi controllers on those loyal to the brand under the guise of the complete and self contained MPC products of old.

This is in addition to the fact that the MPC Element is a repackaged MPC Fly with a few modifications to appeal to a wider consumer base.

If any reps from inMusic Brands, Inc. are reading this, the next best product would be a self-contained sampler/digital turntable akin to a marriage between the current MPX8 and the forthcoming MPC DJ. A single platter with the ability to scratch what you just sampled would rekindle the love that made Akai the world's leading brand in digital samplers.

20-Sep-13 09:47 PM

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