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Fender Cabronita Telecaster Mexico Review
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Lazlo57    Said...

you would think intonation and string alignment would be a basic requirement for a $800 guitar. guess my expectations are too high.

16-Sep-13 08:45 AM

DC    Said...

Factory Fender guitars almost always need a setup, which is rarely done right it seems. If you don't know how to setup your own guitar, you really should learn. It is NOT very hard - even I can do it. CHEERS!

12-Nov-13 10:11 PM

Craig Vine    Said...

Hi there, is the quality of the neck ok, are the frets level?cheers


02-Dec-13 12:38 AM

Scott    Said...

Setting the intonation is my no means the disaster you make it out to be. Don't most people give a new guitar a complete set up themselves? It's not hard to learn, there are plenty of guides online and the cabronita is very simple, setup wise.

16-Jan-14 09:56 PM

Dan    Said...

I agree with the previous commenter, one should expect any new guitar to need a setup. I bought one of these at holiday pricing, from Musician's Friend, free shipping, and used a coupon - I paid about $520 total. I put a Burrito bridge on it, $90, which put me at $610 total. I added a TV Jones knob with a treble bleed for about $50 after shipping, up to $650 now. I find the neck to be really excellent, although I have a slight buzz on the low E, which I expect will go away after I level the frets. Totally usable as is though. The neck is thick, not quite as thick as a Baja neck, but nearly - I love the feel, was surprised. It has the squishy filtertron sound, so nice - addicting really, but its best on the mid and high strings, filtertrons are not strong on lows. These are Fender's version, the "Fidelitron". I am considering trying a single coil pickup in combination with the Fidelitron, see if I can get the best of Tele twang along with the Gretschy sound. The main thing I like is that it just plays well, stays in tune, makes me reach for it even though I have other very nice guitars.

While I will continue to chase the twang/clarity of the lows, this type of sound is characteristic of the filtertron/Gretsch type sound, so if you do not like that, don't get a Cabronita, but if you do, and if you are realistic about the need all guitars usually have for setup and tweak, you might love this thing like I do.

One more thing I'll say - most of these, all that I looked at anyway, come with a bridge that is very nice but simply wasn't made for the Cabronita - it was swiped from some other production guitar. It absolutely fails - the strings are not lined up with the neck, they slip off the neck on the treble side. Painful to see Fender offer up such a poor implementation, they should truly be ashamed. I read all about this before I bought it though, and saw the problem myself on Cabs in the local music store, and I planned the cost of the Burrito bridge into my purchase. Be aware of this - if the extra $90 and your own time to install the bridge isn't OK, then don't by one of these online, sight unseen, as you will likely get a problem bridge.

05-Mar-14 07:47 PM

Stratotron    Said...

I oredered a surf green Cab and it arrived right before I went to rehearsal. I cut the tags off and away we go, no set up. I thought I would see how it sounded,then move on to my mainstay guitar. Right out of the box, it was glorius. No tuning issues at all, I could not put it down. Once I got it home, I changed out the strings to 10s checked the bridge saddle intonation, the low E needed a little adjust. I loosened the neck at the pocket and pulled it over to better align the strings and then re-tightened.(I sight down the D and G to see how they align with the fret markers). I am only posting because, I didn't experience the set up issues that were in the review. This may have been one of the best guitars I have encountered "right out of the box".

Oh yeah, I paid $538 with a coupon from GC.

On a side, I did clad the control cavity and the pickup cavities with copper foil. Since I had to remove the pickups, I am not sure I have the PU hieght the way it was. It doesn't quite have the chime in the middle position that it had. I understand the the shielding in the PU cavities might change the capacitance/tone. I will experiment with the hieght adjust as I didn't check it prior to removing the PUs.

25-Jun-14 10:01 AM

funk    Said...

I guess I'm extremely lucky, I just picked one of these up brand-new for $400 - and it kills. I have a few american teles, including a pricey anniversary edition, and the difference in quality is minimal. The strings on the bridge lined up with the polepieces to my liking, I did find that I had to crank the G string as far back as I could get it to get the intonation spot on, but it worked fine.

08-Aug-14 03:15 PM

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