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Guitar Trends in 2014: What To Expect From NAMM 2014
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michael c    Said...

Come on guys. Don't dangle the carrot then do a runner!

We need hints.

10-Sep-13 07:50 PM

Bill    Said...

I want to see Epiphone come out with an ES-359 with some great finishes like quilted tobacco sunburst.

12-Sep-13 02:29 PM

Nadal    Said...

Im looking forward to namm show 2014. With all the new equiment thats gonna come put

23-Oct-13 02:50 AM

Nick    Said...

What I know so far: Washburn: New Ola Englund signature "Solar" 6 and 7 strings. Music Man: New re-designed John Petrucci "Majesty" model. Ibanez: Kiko L. signatures. Budda/Peavey: Signature Alex skolnick head. ESP: USA factory, Alex Skolnock Sig models. Charvel: Guthrie Govan Signature.

03-Dec-13 09:53 AM

Liveaudiofx    Said...

All I know is I am foaming at the mouth to find out what Waves are up to!

27-Dec-13 07:36 AM

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