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Squarepushers Amazing Robot Band
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Eric    Said...

very interesting, though the feeling of guitar sounded like a sample and the feel felt very ridged. so not really emotional.

05-Sep-13 06:31 PM

Reine    Said...

i agree with eric, it does have a sampled sound to it. there´s no question about the machine being able to play perfectly, but to reach a level of believability i guess they would have to integrate some kind of untightness generator to actually make the music sound like it's played by someone and not something.

07-Sep-13 04:38 PM

Twitchy    Said...


He's a great composer!!!

I think that to some extent, his thesis is moot. When it comes down to it, the Electro-mechanical work; the arrangement; the computer programming; the MIDI programming; THE DEBUGIING; the engineering; the hydraulics…

The Passion, The Innovation, The Daring will all put this in its place.

Much like, any other music written before, after OR since (ie. as a result of seeing something like this)

It's always a testament to see Impassioned, Innovative and Daring ideas from potential, all the way through to realization!!!

…Love the Lights! Earth, Wind and Fire PLUS a host of other Fusion band and Funk bands would always get these really nice synced Light shows with their performances.

So nicee!!!!

07-Sep-13 06:42 PM

re201    Said...

Derek Smalls......... he wrote this.....

09-Sep-13 12:09 AM

Adam Bailey    Said...

Man, I'm all for his ideas and attitudes, but I just don't feel his music anymore. "Feed Me Weird Things" was a great album, but I haven't enjoyed any of the others as much. Too many noodles, not enough emotion. Sorry Tom. Go deeper.

12-Sep-13 10:02 PM

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