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Did Daft Punk Get Lucky By Ripping Off Korean Guitarist?
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Tobias    Said...

Wow! Two songs with the same chord progression and tempo. This can't be a coincidence. ;)

04-Sep-13 05:17 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

As long as people write songs with 4 chord progressions that repeat without chorus or bridge, these things will happen. Nice guitar face though.

04-Sep-13 07:59 AM

Rob    Said...

I like his song much more than Pharel's catterwailing, it's got a nice E2-E4 vibe

04-Sep-13 09:09 AM

MoneyRules    Said...

Any idea why Zack Kim deleted his YouTube page? .. and why Daft Punk took so long to release their 2013 album.. $$$$$$$ ?

04-Sep-13 09:41 AM

Luiz DePalma    Said...

Goes to show, nothing new under the sun. Although I think the Daft bross were well aware of the latter... food for thought. Luiz DePalma

04-Sep-13 12:17 PM

Ali R.    Said...

Far-fetched? Why, because he's Korean and not a famous music icon? Not at all. Zac Kim has an internet presence, and Daft Punk has access to the internet. If you saw it online, so did Daft Punk, or whoever does their research. And they probably saw it wayyyy before you. Celebrity musicians who have to churn out hit after hit are constantly combing resources for any bit of "inspiration" or material they can use to help keep the giant machine of their career running.

05-Sep-13 12:27 PM

Mrpwnsta1300    Said...

THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL ROBOT DANCE VIDEO!!! The publishers embedded the wrong video. Here is the real video to Zack Kim's channel:

05-Sep-13 04:50 PM

The Truth.    Said...

Alt+f4 is the answer.

23-Jan-14 08:34 AM

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