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Fairlight For Kontakt
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The Guvnor    Said...

I love this guys refills. So many sounds... I'm so happy he's ported them to Kontakt as Reason is not everybody's main DAW, including mine. He has also released the raw wave samples too. Just gets better and better.

30-Aug-13 08:14 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Don't mean to knock this product - but $79 for samples that can be found on ebay for around $10 if you look hard enough? And - what's the quality like. you're advertising this as a Fairlight for Kontakt. Have you faithfully reproduced all samples form the original Fairlight library, including voicings? I seem not - given you differentiate the Fairlight samples as raw compared to your Emulator2 offering. And - D50 /JD800 - what have they got to do with Fairlight? Overall, you'll have to do a better job and a more forthright promotion job to convince me to part with $79 these days.

31-Aug-13 09:03 PM


@Synth_Fan, With all due respect, the samples you find on eBay are, to be perfectly frank, shockingly shite. Patrick has spent years, and I do mean years, on this product, using the original libraries to create a plethora of incredibly useful and inspiring patches. If you need convincing to part with $79 for an extensive library such as this, from a library developer with the level of kudos and respect that Patrick has, then you would probably need convincing that the sky is blue and water is wet. Take it from me, Patrick's work is up there with the best. Actually, don't take it from me. Do a bit of net research and you'll soon see the credit this guy deservedly gets. Before you heap criticism like this, try the damned thing first.

02-Sep-13 03:46 PM

FailedMuso    Said...

P.S. That last comment was me. Wouldn't want anyone to think I'd not put my name to defending Patrick's quality and integrity,

02-Sep-13 03:48 PM


I bought the sample pack. What I have to say is that the quality varies a lot from preset to preset. From teh 850 presets I would say around 20 are really usable. And if you want the the original fairlight samples, someone had the time to convert the original floppy disks to wav files. Just google it.

04-Sep-13 06:18 PM

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