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Sonic LAB: Korg Volca Preview
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Sander Alkemade from The Netherlands    Said...

Does the sequencer of Volca Keys play several, different tones at once or does it only seem that way ?

22-Aug-13 10:27 AM

GTRman    Said...

Korg is going to sell a boat load of these at that price. Then ebay will be flooded with used ones within 6 months at 1/2 of that price. The big winner here will be Korg. Very very clever. I hope they are of better quality then the MS20 mini. I like the beat one myself.

22-Aug-13 11:39 AM

GTRman    Said...

Wow - great to see Korg making small, affordable synths for everyone to use. I had my doubts, but these are GReaT (see what I did there? LOL!)

22-Aug-13 11:41 AM

chris    Said...

How many of the knobs can be controlled by midi? It would be cool to use a external midi controller like a behringer BCF/BCR to add bigger more tactile knobs. Also I could see someone developing a patch librarian for them.

22-Aug-13 12:51 PM

HAL9000    Said...

Quite concerned about the build quality... Also would like to know if they operate off a 9 volt, tip positive power supply, or negative. Some shops forget to stock these with their Korg orders.

22-Aug-13 01:42 PM

GTRman    Said...

I see what you did coward. LOL I can't wait until Sonic lab starts using facebook for there comments. That would get rid of the losers.

22-Aug-13 01:44 PM

Bob Borries    Said...

There's been a lot of confusion about what type of filter the Volca Keys is based on. Is it based on the MS-20 or the MiniKorg K1?

22-Aug-13 01:48 PM

bonzo    Said...

could you please make lead sounds on the volca bass and bass sounds on the volca keys? thank you

22-Aug-13 02:55 PM

Paul    Said...

Can we hear some pads/longish chord sounds on the keys please. What is the max attack and release time? Thanks

22-Aug-13 04:17 PM

Beats    Said...

I'd love to know with the beats if you can can control the panning of the parts. I read the manual and can't see any mention of that, but would love that to be clarified.

cheers! :)

22-Aug-13 05:54 PM

Headphones    Said...

Can the Volcas in theory sequence the Korg MS-20 mini/Arturia Minibrute? How many measures do you get to program? Has there been any rumors to a sampling Volca?

22-Aug-13 06:09 PM

Nick B    Said...

Not as far as I can tell, the sequencer is internal on all units, it only transmits a sync pulse. There may be mods that enable this, but not that I am aware of yet.

22-Aug-13 06:16 PM

Ted    Said...

I want to know if I buy all three will I finally be happy? Or do I need the MS-20 Mini for that?

22-Aug-13 08:50 PM

Throe    Said...

a lot of these questions can be answered by reading the specs/manual/MIDI charts on their website

Volca Keys uses the low pass filter from minikorg 700s

no panning on the Beats (there might be a mod for this)

9v center positive (power supply sold separate)

as for controlling via MIDI...

22-Aug-13 10:58 PM

Vo1t    Said...

Is there any keyboard tracking for the filter frequency, 100% tracking or none at all? This is important for sounds with high resonance.

22-Aug-13 11:55 PM

Chris S    Said...

Is that a Bitwig t-shirt, Nick? Super jealous!

Looking forward to coverage, I have Beats and Bass on preorder!

23-Aug-13 01:53 AM

OnImpulse    Said...

Would be great, if you could also take a look at the more premium options, like MFB Tanzbär, the other MFB drummies, Acidlab Miami,the X0X-boxes,...

Altough these won't get Sonic masses of views, but nobody else seems to cover the small companies in a premium Sonicstate quality.

23-Aug-13 03:21 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Most interested in MIDI functionality esp. recording control changes into a sequencer

23-Aug-13 06:14 AM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

Could you cover a range of sync options:

- with each other - MIDI sync to DAW - MIDI sync to other hardware - can they sync to each other via the sync socket but be controlled via MIDI from a DAW?


23-Aug-13 06:38 AM

DBM    Said...

I would like to here the drums used and tuned in as far waway from the 4on the floor vibe as is possable .

Korgs web sight stated that the VCO type of the keys was saw and square , but is this preset with OSC function or not ?

23-Aug-13 09:20 AM

kan tuckit    Said...

do they make the infamous click sound the monotribe does on note on/off? (i hope you know what i'm talking about, you can google it if not) on monotribe it can be heard easily by starting the sequencer and then taking out some of the steps.

thanks, k

23-Aug-13 10:01 AM

jAUF    Said...

what abot the clock/bpm sinc and arpeg?

24-Aug-13 05:54 AM

Concerned    Said...

Did someone belt you in the mouth Nick? Was it full on fisticuffs just to score these three little lovelies?

24-Aug-13 06:35 PM

upfor1praps    Said...

Great you have these. I really want to hear some frank views about them, particularly the beats which seems a bit weedy except for its kick. What do you think ? Thankyou.

26-Aug-13 06:49 AM

zwen    Said...

can the inputfilter be controlled by midi. Send the Knobs and Keys Midi or recive Midi? Handle with care or are they solid?

28-Aug-13 03:47 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Given the simple nature of the sounds, what do they sound like running through some different distortion pedals, your favourite analog delay... or should I just run your review through my pedalboard? :>

30-Aug-13 05:26 PM

Benoit    Said...

Is it possible to scroll through the patches in sync while in play mode?


02-Sep-13 05:48 AM

Ben    Said...

Some YT video showed some kind of stepping on the filter cutoff. Is it really the case or more some king of "overtone jumps" like it occurs on some filters design at high resonnace (OB?).

03-Sep-13 02:07 AM

tura    Said...

does the LFO go into the audio spectrum?

04-Sep-13 10:58 AM    Said...

I would be very interested in knowing what sort of power supplies could be used with the Volcas. I have ordered a 1000ma 9V unit and am nervous about using it as the korg is 300ma

23-Dec-13 02:28 PM

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