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Feature: 21 Years Of Novation
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Handbuilt ColdFusion CMS    Said...

iOS MP4 link is broken :(

23-Aug-13 07:11 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Love that Supernova II. Wish they still made them...

24-Aug-13 02:35 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

What a great video, thank you so much!

24-Aug-13 03:23 AM

RevFlex    Said...

Great video. I'm a big fan of Novation synths. They have a unique sound. Would have been nice to hear the difference between Supernova and Supernova 2.

25-Aug-13 11:14 PM

dyscode    Said...

Really excellent, interesting video, congrats and thanks to everybody involved.

29-Aug-13 07:01 AM

Rick Rhino    Said...

Thank you Nick and Novation, this was a great video! I purchased the Novation Basstation Rack back in 1995. It was a special order item for $600 (US). At the time, like many of us, I wanted a 303 but they were close to $1,000 used (pre-Ebay days) The sounds were amazing and the manual was child-like easily comprehensive. I still own it and once in a while I push the demo button to remind me what it is capable of doing. Looking forward to an Ultranova.

31-Aug-13 09:29 AM

Robin    Said...

Supernova II was a fantastic synth. Powerful and easy to use. I hate to see the trend of mini-key synths these days.

16-Dec-13 10:44 AM

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