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Sonic Touch 25: Real Time Effects
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Outkaossed    Said...

Good reviews, though Turnado should also have shown delay and granular fx (of interest to non DJs)

Yous missed the point with Kaoss pad comparison....Turnado blows that ol thing out the market : 6 programmable simultaneous fx vs Kaoss 2 parameter xy single fx preset = Turnado win . No need for an iKaoss Korg , you've missed the boat and been outplayed ; and an ipad mini + Turnado is cheaper as well as better featured than hardware Kaosspad .

28-Aug-13 06:34 PM

Dubka    Said...

Nicely done fellas.. Not sure if you didn't mention it or I just didn't catch it, but - does a single minirig actually mono-out your incoming stereo signal or just play the left channel?

29-Aug-13 10:28 AM

Leslie    Said...

Brilliantly done, as usual :) Now that you have iPad 4 in your possession, how about going through some updates to Auria and Cubasis? Also, in your absence, there was myriad of iPad synth releases that I would like you to review. Welcome back SonicTouch and I hope you will stay with us forever this time round :)

30-Aug-13 03:37 AM

Joe    Said...

How does the minirig compare with the wowee speaker you reviewed last year?

02-Sep-13 01:52 PM

Joe    Said...

How does the minirig compare to the wowee speaker you reviewed last year?

02-Sep-13 01:53 PM

MikeyB    Said...

You guys should review IConnectmidi 2 if you can get your hands on one. It's an amazing little box and the forthcoming 4 will be even more amazing.

23-Sep-13 02:48 PM

Japansynth    Said...

I saudiobus still broken with iOS &?

04-Oct-13 09:13 PM

Japansynth    Said...

Is audiobus still broken with iOS 7 ?

04-Oct-13 09:14 PM

ArpMoog in NC, USA    Said...

Nick and Gaz This guy was a deeeeep synth DIY in the early days with John McLaughlin and Herbie Hancock. Perhaps of interest:

23-Nov-13 10:47 AM

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