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John Frusciante Says He Has No Interest In Playing Live Any More
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Rick-Hayward-Ca.    Said...

OK,Chad- back to chickenfoot

20-Aug-13 06:36 PM

Sean    Said...

Well maybe he would like to give me that sweet old Strat then!

22-Aug-13 10:54 PM

Michael    Said...

Do what you love. Follow your dream.

24-Aug-13 08:31 AM

Eric    Said...

That's such BS. John you're being stubborn and you know it. You moved so many people with your playing and now you're just being selfish. It's not about the money, media, or the fame, it's about the people and your self growth along with making beautiful music with lifelong friends that you may not have around much longer. Wake up and appreciate it for what it's worth. It's like someone being born into catholasism.. He or or she may not agree with the rules, people, priest, judent etc.. But he still goes bc he's not there for any of that, he's there for who he serves and prays to. Whatever he believes in. That's you being weak John.

26-Aug-13 07:42 AM

Jonas    Said...

I also hope his feelings will change. But, I liked him more in the studio than live, at the end, looking back. As if he was not giving it all on stage. Maybe it's best for him to follow his heart and I think it's best for his audience too in the long run. Better an inspired John than an obligatory. But I miss the old John..

27-Aug-13 01:30 AM

Anthony Kedis    Said...

John ,

Please come back down to earth , stop doing the drugs.

30-Aug-13 10:46 AM

braindeadunleashed    Said...

Hm interesting comments, but i admire this guy i really do, usch a natural talent one of the best gifted musicians,..i am musician myself and i understand his thoughts,.. it does not related to drugs if i would be famouus and do zillion of concerts for who? tripped drunk folks that they will feel better nad that can take pictures of famous guys they are just humans, is most important thing to find yourself and explore your soul to find peace in life to fulfill your inner self,.. i am with John completly,.. i would do the same isolate in some quite place and have fun in life far away from masses of sheeps..why we must amuse others ,.music business is a whore and lot of vampire eaters would take advantage of individual or the end you are just another wannabe rock superstar dumped down in the hole and you feel so small..

04-Sep-13 07:00 AM

jbg    Said...

i took another close look at this comment and it makes a lot of sense. john is very expressive and sensitive to people and music and that was very clear when he played but the reason he played was not peformance based. I think it was a conflict he had around the power of playing at such a large scale. I think hendrix was a performer at heart he wanted to impact people specifically as much as he loved music. I think john is always trying to leave reality for the love of music and to do so he doesn't think about making music for people as he makes it. I think he thinks i am gonna be as pure as humanly possible to give beautiful sound to them. Anthony is very aware of performing and not trying to disappear in sound like John.

26-Dec-13 07:11 PM

Nick from California    Said...

no no no please john just a few shows in so cal!!! please don't let my worst nightmare be actualized!! you play all these shows in different countries but your biggest fans are right under your nose!! we would go crazy to see you john please!!!

12-Jan-14 02:53 PM

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