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TAL Bassline 101 SH Emulation Review
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LagrangeAudio    Said...

It was interesting the inevitable comparisons with Lush-101. That was a synth I had waited a long time for having owned a MC-202 back in the day and played 101's. It sounded just like I remember and in that respect it is excellent, money well spent. But it is also a classic example of going too far with an emulation. Eight layers is just too much for example. The Gaia has three, that should have been enough. TAL have got this one right I think and avoided the temptation to go overboard. Don't get me wrong D16 have produced an amazing instrument but it was just too much.

20-Aug-13 02:09 AM

justme    Said...

Yes a very nice synth, guy, job :)

12-Dec-15 03:45 PM

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