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Podcast:Sonic TALK 326 - Ice Cream Van Hobby
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Travis Browning    Said...

Hello, I'm the creator of the Ketamine EP. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk about it, sorry your guests didn't really like it :p

15-Aug-13 02:24 PM

Failed Muso    Said...

Trevor and Steve used 2x Sony 24 track digital recorders on Slave To The Rhythm :-)

16-Aug-13 08:09 AM

Warren Christiansen    Said...

I tried to record whippoorwills in the Arkansas woods & got ten minutes of a dog barking followed by someone opening a door & shouting "Shut up!".

16-Aug-13 03:25 PM

Bill Lindsay    Said...

Most unwanted thing in a recording... Well, I wish I could say it was something really wild or strange, like accidentally having the window open while recording and picking up the mating call of the Yeti (or Big Foot, depending where you live). But since I really need RX2 (soon to be RX3), because I'm working on LPs from the 1930's, 1940's and early 1950's of radio show broadcasts, and I mostly am dealing with exactly what RX2 will do, fix scratches, pops, and unwanted noises, as well as level out the sound. Besides, most of the unwanted sounds I've heard so far from these LPs the band would actually incorporated them right into the show. They just rolled with it! I did heard Cliffie Stone on the upright bass fall off the stage, (bass and all) and Stuart Hamblen just rolled it into a joke about Cliffie staying out too late drinking. I would say the strangest is as they were recording live, I heard one of the artists say "well, I just bought that one", which best I can tell, he screwed up and figured he just paid for that recording in the studio and that they'd have to start again. Bill Lindsay

16-Aug-13 04:45 PM

Phill the IV    Said...

Something unwanted while the noise from the neighbors, the little children, the phone ringing, some one knocking at the door.

19-Aug-13 09:50 PM

Derek909    Said...

I'll just leave this here...

20-Aug-13 05:39 PM

asiohead    Said...

Hey guys,

just want to give some feedback on the prize I won in the iZotope comp. I absolutely love Stutter Edit ! I'm using it right now on a new track for my Bel Dub Labs project. It's pretty cool I can 'play' my effects. It makes the track sound more organic and 'live' tweaked ;) Since I'm fully ITB these days and while drawing in automation can be handy, Dub music really needs this live tweaking of delays and FX.

So again, thank you iZotope and Sonicstate for this great competition !

21-Aug-13 03:22 AM

Fatdust    Said...

recording guitar and while it was still recording the final chord i have shouted at my guitarist (cos it was really good take) and his pups on guitar took my voice and i couldn't get rid of it so i just looped the voice gradually distorted and faded out. it was much better than original idea, so i guess its not really unfortunate maybe more like taking advantage out of own mistake)))))

21-Aug-13 05:44 AM

Bill Lindsay    Said...

By the way, new listener here! Really liked last week's show and looking forward to this next one. I mentioned before about converting 1930's & 40's LPs of live radio broadcasts, it is of Stuart Hamblen's radio show, which was the #1 radio show at that time. He also wrote "This Ole House" which you may remember Shakin' Stevens made a #1 hit for a while back in the 80's. I'm doing the converting in my spare time, and I have close to about 80 LPs (really they are 78s). Know any way to clean a 78 before playing it? I've heard on an LP to use wood glue, but I have been a little hesitant to try that on one of these 78s.

21-Aug-13 09:23 AM

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