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Podcast: Sonic TALK 325 - George Duke
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ARTEC    Said...

Best Studio Tools

1- Every hardware synthesizer ever made with CV or Midi

2- Every drum machine ever made with CV or Midi

3- Enough cables to connect every piece of gear for a massive wall of electronic sound and sequencing!

09-Aug-13 10:19 AM

Derek    Said...

Gaz's brilliant "not-so-talented artist production" story is about Ant and Seb--look 'em up on YouTube or watch him tell it live in SonicTalk 200.

09-Aug-13 06:50 PM

Fatdust    Said...

ADAM A77X (i need to feel the bottom) PROPHET 8 (loosing my self in to another world) NI MASCHINE (even its computer based, It's got heart and works fast, INTUITIVE and got superb sound)

10-Aug-13 01:37 AM

asiohead    Said...

my favorite studio tools

- Me, I'm a tool (open to interpretation ;) )

- toilet, to do the creative thinking :)

- my car, for checking the final mix

everything else is interchangable

14-Aug-13 04:17 AM

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