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Diaries of a Guitar Tech: 'Who Thought That Would be a Good Idea?'
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The Audacity Works    Said...

"Of course, most manufacturers don't want their products to last a long time; they want them to fail the day after the guarantee runs out in the hope that the customer will stump up the cash for this year's model."

Hogwash. This is tin-foil hat speak. I've worked for numerous amp manufacturers, employing people who've worked for dozens more amp manufacturers, and there is absolutely, positively, zero incentive or pressure to create something that will fail after X amount of time.

05-Aug-13 01:57 AM

FHB    Said...

@The Audacity Works: I get what you mean, but you're probably in America or UK, right? If so, the production line and strategic development are pretty much different from the ones in Asia, for example. The low end amps are not made to last long. I get that they have to save up on some components to make the equipment cheaper, but there ARE design flaws that, let's say, Marshall would never do in a Valvestate, but they did in a MG series amp. I don't actually know why those flaws are there, but they are.

07-Aug-13 07:51 AM

jesse    Said...

What a good interesting read this was! i hope you continue with this series!

11-Aug-13 10:54 AM

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