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Amplitude-Controlled Generative Sampler Plug-In
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GTRman    Said...

Music is becoming a video game. What ever happened to talented musicians playing hand crafted instruments. Today it is plug and play toys. Boring.

01-Aug-13 08:09 AM

edchocolate    Said...

@GTRman.....what is boring about an audio triggered sampler? The mind boggles with its potential for live improvised performance.... One could accompany oneself with this whilst getting down on your original hand crafted lute.....the possibilities are endless with a device like this. It would be ideal to use in a mixed digital and acoustic set-up without the need for a digital sequencer like Logic or Live....

03-Aug-13 08:18 AM

fight mp3    Said...

@GTRman you obviously not only cannot see past the plain presentation of an instrument to see it's potential, you also don't know anything about videogames and even less you know about real musician who will go unaffected by this, if they don't want it.

Real musicians aren't afraid to play with toys. The musisican matters, not the tools.

08-Aug-13 04:37 AM

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