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Review: Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer
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Homebrew ColdFusion CMS and CSS that prevents scaling of fonts    Said...

iOS MP4 link is broken :(

25-Jul-13 09:34 AM

drip.feed    Said...

You had me at the Saw wave. What a cracking sounding synth.

Is the headphone volume affected by the main volume? In other words, could I audition patches on stage thru headphones with the main volume turned all the way down?

25-Jul-13 09:48 AM

NIck B    Said...

Mp4 Should be working now - soz about that.

25-Jul-13 10:37 AM

Richard    Said...

Come on Nick - please say Moog like Rogue - there's even a synth of that name - you can do it!!!

25-Jul-13 10:56 AM

xyzzy    Said...

It really does sound fantastic. And I might not have to scale back all the bass like I would with a Voyager or Slim/Little Phatty :)

The ending was particularly great. Thanks Nick!

25-Jul-13 11:03 AM

asiohead    Said...

Great review Nick, makes me wanna get one RIGHT NOW :)

Just too bad about the two octave keyboard imo. You mention the build quality being really good, so better than the Little Phatty then ? Cause I find those knobs feel a bit 'loose'.

And damn, no aftertouch again ! heheh . You got a point though. Anyway, the sound makes it all good ;)

Nice camera work btw, especially the bit at the end, really cool !

26-Jul-13 11:43 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'm caught between praising the beautiful sound and admonishing the lack of imagination. People don't say this often enough but Moog should be more like Korg, who at least take risks.

Korg are like an over-excited yappy Pomeranian that runs in circles: fun and annoying in equal measures. Moog are like a long, dull, ponderous Tolkien novel where nothing happens and never ends but will eventually become a rip-roaring movie adaptation.

Or not. Moog should probably carry on doing what they're doing.

I'm looking forward to the Prophet 12 review!!

26-Jul-13 12:27 PM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Only 16 Patches !!! that's a shame. I can't wait to play the Bassstation blows the Sub phatty out of the Planet.

26-Jul-13 02:46 PM

GTRman    Said...

Dr. Filterstein I doubt that. A Moog ladder filter is the fattest filter on the planet. Novation always had much thinner sounding filters and I expect the bass Station to follow that suite. The Bass Station II will be a great sounding bass synth but if you are looking for the worlds fattest filter you can not beat a Moog ladder filter. For me, big fat filters sometime do not sit well in a mix so BS II may be a perfect match for my studio. Anyway both are wonderful synths but I will always go with the American made quality of Moog.

29-Jul-13 09:03 AM

37gun    Said...

I never doubted the quality of this synth & i think it's a real players instrument (Well among other uses of course) But ,seeing this has confirmed it.It really sounds phat in the true synth sense. I'm not a fan of the under the hood stuff so much, more into the ol' one knob per function thing but that does not detract from the fact that this is a really great pro quality synth. Well done to Nick too.Damn good review given the amount of time to squeeze in all the info.I saw enough to convince me. It's a true beastie !

29-Jul-13 09:26 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

GTRman,i miss a very important thing in BS2: keyfollow or Keytrack for Filter !!! BS1 didn't have keytrack too but the Super BS has this Function and i own a Super BS.I would like to compare BS2, Mophokeyboard and Nordrack 2x and maybe buy one of them.

29-Jul-13 06:03 PM

jobot    Said...

WHAT editor ???

I love mine, but seriously Moog, give us non reviewers the fkn editor already...

01-Aug-13 04:47 PM

EMwhite    Said...

It was a good review. Could stand to hear more patches and maybe an outro (song) but I suppose you only have so much time.

As an owner of a VOS (Old School), Little Phatty, Taurus III, Minitaur, Opus 3 [and the other guys synths], I am STILL interested in this. Not because I have a Moog fetish, but rather because it IS new and has something that none of the others have in a compact package.

With regard to build quality and pot feel; the Little Phatty uses the same Alpha pots that everybody uses, that being the $1.50 variety (cheaper in bulk I'm sure); not the bournes etc type that are several dollars a piece. They are fine.

Have a look at some of the boutique MU modular products available today and you'll also see the $1.50 Alpha pots.

Otherwise, it's just a matter of time before editor and firmware is solid; then you'll be set. A bit of pain (with all products) for being an early adopter I'm afraid.

02-Aug-13 09:00 PM

Protech    Said...

This unit would look great with real wood side panels. Moog has dropped that look for cost I am sure but as a option would be great.

13-Aug-13 09:40 AM

Bob    Said...

This is a great instrument that is very stylish and built like a tank. It is much grittier and edgier than other moogs, I like it a lot. However in common with other things that are built to a price point you more often than not end up getting disappointed by what it cant do rather than being satisfied with what it can do.

03-Oct-13 06:39 AM

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