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AAS Release Richard Devine Soundbank For Chromaphone
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The Guvnor    Said...

Shouldn't that be their 15th year?

This sound pack is great. I'm loving it!

25-Jul-13 12:37 PM

Ed A.    Said...

I just bought this Chromaphone soundbank and I'm very impressed. It's got some very non-mainstream sounds, which is just the type of thing I like.

Now if only AAS would get to work on converting their other software synths to 64 bit so I can used them in Logic X and Mainstage 3...

25-Jul-13 03:46 PM

Funkdefino    Said...

Very nice! When I first hard Chromaphone I wasn't blown away. Cool? Yes... but I didn't think it was for me.

This bank changes my mind. Impressive.

25-Jul-13 09:35 PM

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