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Podcast: Sonic TALK 323 - Sound Map Of The World
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Gregg Wilson    Said...

Hi Nick & friends, Sorry to hear about your equipment woes, but forge on, I enjoy your show, and the reviews tremendously. Keep the synth & music tech fires burning.

25-Jul-13 07:44 PM

Leslie    Said...

Well, you are wrong in regards to creating backups with CCC. I have been using this fantastic app to create the "clones" for many years now and never/ever had an issue with running out of space. My iMac HD is 1TB and yet i am always successful backing/cloning it to 512GB ext HD without any issues at all. I have never used compressed file image as it is known (for years now) to create problems during recovery. BTW; Why are your computers so out of date in OS department?! As far as I'm aware the latest ver of OS X is 10.8.4 and yet you are running on some ancient OS's that you don't even recall/remember the version... ;) Step 1: Update your OS X Step 2: Stop owing "compressed" crap format Step 3: Use CCC Step 4: Enjoy your trouble free setup after implementing steps 1-3

BTW; Still no Sonic Touch, but it doesn't matter anymore... I gave up and so many others did as well I guess... :(

26-Jul-13 03:55 AM

Nick B    Said...

We run OS on critical machines that we know will work with the tools we use. Because there is a latest OS doesn't mean that you should automatically update to them - just ask the people who are on 10.6.8 for music use.

CCC I agree I have indeed used it before and do on other systems. I was just using a method that I thought would allow me to backup several machines to a single drive - I mean I don't think its unreasonable to assume a feature in an OS should work right? I did not know it was an issue otherwise I wouldn't have used that way.

Regarding Sonic Touch, we do plan to make some more, but everyone is now on holiday or honeymoon (Gaz!)

26-Jul-13 04:16 AM

Strymoney    Said...

I've always said the Strymon pedals are the ones people should buy. They may be digital as you can get but they don't like that. At the price they go for you shouldn't even question wether or not to buy one. Place your order now! hehe : D

27-Jul-13 08:22 AM

Kailen    Said...

Hi Nick, Long time fan of the show, keep up the good work. Regarding CCC for your needs, I think that using a .sparseimage format diskimage could probably do the trick for what you're doing. You can't boot directly from the images, but they work awesome for resurrecting your workspace on a new drive. And they always stay about the size of the data they hold, shrinking or growing as needed. There is nothing more awesome than having the hard drive click of death 30mins before a show, cloning the drive from a rescue image onto a new drive and having everything back to normal.

Hope that something in there is of use to anyone, and here's to the show and data safety awesomeness.

27-Jul-13 09:26 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for your tips re: cloning, yes I figured Sparse image was the way to go. I successfully created a sparse image using CCC and it mounted right away, no messing about with verifying etc. Also creates a disc the size of the data no free space, so not quite as small as a compressed one, but that just didnt work so no advantage. Thanks for the tips

27-Jul-13 03:15 PM

anaROBIK    Said...

The Mutable Instruments stuff is great, I'm making three Shruthi's (each with a different filter) with custom hacked sound generation code. Being able to "pre-program" / hack a synth at the C++ code level is pretty cool. The open source open hardware nature encourages this exploration.

31-Jul-13 11:57 PM

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