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Live Blog: A Day With Portishead's Adrian Utley
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marty    Said... will be cold and balmy soon enough....

24-Jul-13 08:55 AM

OnImpulse    Said...

Thanks for the great blog!!! ;-)

24-Jul-13 09:00 AM

JB    Said...

Great insight into your working day Adrian, thanks for taking the time to share! I think you need to sell some of that outboard and buy some air con units! ;)

24-Jul-13 04:15 PM

Lemonmilk    Said...

Adrian..You are a hero to me and a motivation to keep creating music, in these mad times I revel in the madness of passion and am blind to the deterioration of logic, as logic points to no reason but sweet madness from passion... – Lemonmilk,2013.

25-Jul-13 01:45 AM

Ron    Said...

Nurse, he's out of bed again...

25-Jul-13 05:53 AM

GNeuman    Said...

"Dummy" still has to be one of the great innovative albums of all time, it's still right out there..Love the Bob Moog signed Minimoog too. Adrian, you are on cool musician, thanks for being so open and sharing with your creative and recording process!

Cheers, Mike

25-Jul-13 09:51 AM

Nick B    Said...

I spoke to Adrian this morning and thanked him for the blog - he said it was 42c in there at its peak

25-Jul-13 11:16 AM

MDV    Said...

Great blog thanks!

Can anybody explain what he means by "C90 mixdown"? Maybe mixing down to tape cassettes? If so I really need to give it a go!

25-Jul-13 03:13 PM

Nick B    Said...

I think thats exactly what he did - if you look at the top of that image, its a Tascam 122 pro tape deck.

26-Jul-13 04:24 AM

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