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See Ableton Push Dismantled
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Edmund    Said...

I would never do this without a screw tray.

22-Jul-13 07:55 AM

THORtronic    Said...

Its absolutely ok and works with no problems. We are service engineers. No need for antistatic mats for this. Thank you guys for posting. We are both big fans of Sonic State and Sonic Touch.

22-Jul-13 01:49 PM

THORtronic    Said...

And one more think to say. I read a lot about how its make from completely from metal and its not true. Only bottom part is from metal but everything else is from plastic. Its really easy to take it apart. No hot glue. No need to cut parts etc. so big thumbs up for Akai and Ableton because this thing is make to be serviced at home. "main" buttons are great and almost unbreakable. Same about navigation buttons. Buttons and display can be purchased from vendors all over the world. One very interesting thing. There is ARM based processor which take care about "drum machine mode" etc. In one sentence. Ableton Push is well engineered and most important well build.

22-Jul-13 02:11 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for posting guys and good to know you got it back together okay! Appreciate you posting the video in the name of research.

22-Jul-13 03:47 PM

THORtronic    Said...

For the science!

23-Jul-13 01:54 AM

Charly    Said...

Hi! you know what kind of sensors are what is under the main buttons? Congratulations! great job!

20-Sep-13 09:14 PM

Dino    Said...

My Touch Strip has stopped aligning itself with the centre. Is there somewhere in the Push Controller that this can be recalibrated to align it with the centre again?

21-Oct-13 05:21 AM

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