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Review: Korg Wavedrum Global
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Vasco Brazz    Said...

Korg stuff is massively overpriced. Tried a king korg last week and no way would I consider this either a must have or worth double what I think would tempt me. Shame,really.

18-Jul-13 11:14 AM

Smudge    Said...

I dont really see what a King Korg has to do with this? But this does seem like they should have at least put an SD card slot in it, MIDI I can understand, the amount of data this produces probably wouldnt work, but you really do need to be able to back up your stuff these days

22-Jul-13 08:35 AM

Tracy    Said...

Coasting is a great way to put it. I've been watching this instrument since 2009, and it seems like it hasn't changed at all.

I understand the "if it ain't brokeā€¦" principal, but this is a digital instrument, and a good one at that. Four years old and still no software editor. Inexcusable.

Just like last time, I'll wait for the next version.

23-Jul-13 07:06 PM

David    Said...

I am short of information here, and does not help either:-( So do the Global have all the pcm:s of the Oriental that have all the pcm:s of the Original or are they three different beasts?

13-Aug-13 01:49 PM

Andy@sonic    Said...

@David... Yes, the new Global has all the sounds of the prior versions plus extra programs, algorithms and PCM instruments. The sound quality has also been improved.

14-Aug-13 11:13 AM

martygras    Said...

I love my Wavedrum Oriental, but c'mon, they should have fixed many things. How about a "Left(mono)" output like EVERY OTHER DEVICE IN THEIR CATALOG?

How about the ability to save patches externally? No patch backup? Stupid.

The tempo of the supplied loops cannot be changed. Nearly useless.

AND, there acrually is a micro sd card in these, you just have to open it up and hack it.

27-Aug-13 12:08 PM

Toz    Said...

I have the standard wave drum and have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because it is so frickin cool and hate the fact it has so much untapped potential. Like all of us I would like to be able to access the algorithms and samples (thankyou spellcheck) to add sounds and change the response of the instrument a lot more than the basic presets allow you to do. C'mon Korg, open it up a bit!

14-Jan-14 10:25 PM

ClockWork    Said...

I think there is a fairly understandable reason for not adding a USB-port. What if one could store all the the algorithms and samples from the global version on a SD- or USB-card (i'm not talking about the self made ones but the ones "on-board" of the WD global)and offer them on sale to WD-X and oriental users?Korg would loose alot of money since lesser people woud go for the more expensive later versions...

06-Feb-14 04:24 AM

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