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Podcast: Sonic TALK 322 - Logic X
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sfloigcninja    Said...

Very cool show you hve here! Glad my video was helpful. :-)


18-Jul-13 03:48 PM

sflogicninja    Said...

I also, apparently, spel very gud.

18-Jul-13 03:50 PM

Philipp    Said...

Logic X unfortunately has no more global chord track. Apple loops are thus become useless(Logic X as well?):-(

19-Jul-13 03:23 AM

RevFlex    Said...

Good show. As user of Logic since v8 I do like this upgrade. Making things easier to use is always a good thing. 64-bit plugin hassle is going to pass, as Dave says. Many plugins already are compatible and rest will follow. And if something doesn't make the transition then I'm sure there are other plugin(s) to take it' place. SW stuff is anyway less permanent than HW :)

19-Jul-13 03:51 AM

LPX    Said...

This podcast should've been at least 4 hours. No seriously it should.

19-Jul-13 10:20 AM

T. W. Zimmerman    Said...

The iPad control feature is very much like the MOTU DP controller, but more detailed. The price to buy it is the typical point upgrade cost, so it's reasonable, the dropping of support for 32bit plug-ins is not serious most plug-ins have been available in 64bit native for more than a year. Unfortunately some plug-ins will always fade away as developers stop supporting them eventually. It is a solid update.

19-Jul-13 04:27 PM

xyzzy    Said...

> This podcast should've been at least 4 hours. No seriously it should.

The episodes where the panel actually talks about things they do and use are the best.

Down with the "gee, here's a $10,000 touchscreen control surface for ProTools/crappy rubber pad triggers for the iPad. Do you think they'll take over the world?" crap :)

I hope Sonic will review eventually review or talk more about Logic Pro X.

19-Jul-13 05:10 PM

Congo Jack    Said...

How far for the perfect edit.. , i could buy every single plugin on the planet (if i could) for sexy results, i need inmediate response to the sound for new editing ideas, non stopping mutation and destruction to it.

22-Jul-13 10:56 AM

velocipede    Said...

Guitar Amp Pro and other "legacy effects" are still there. Option-click the plugin slot. (see p.271 and on in the linked manual)

22-Jul-13 10:04 PM

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