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Heart Guitarist Gets A Signature Guitar
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Famat    Said...

i love this blog, keep it up

17-Jul-13 10:23 AM


I just recently purchased this guitar. I used to have a '93 US LP Standard for years and I sold due to the weight issue. No regrets. I have been a huge fan of Heart for nearly 30 yrs. I am an accomplished acoustic fingerstyle guitarist now, thanks to the influence of Nancy Wilson. I missed out on the Martin, but I just had to have her Nighthawk. Sadly, when I received it a few days ago, it had visible buffing wheel marks in the finish, copper wire protruding from the bridge humbucker, a stripped gold screw on the mounting ring of the same pickup and some hairline scratches here and there. Sloppy! So, I sent it back to Same Day Music and they are sending me a replacement, that also has buffing marks, but I will take care of those I guess. I also refinish guitars. I am very disappointed the lack of quality control with Gibson (Nashville factory). I hope the 2nd replacement is in a better condition.

08-Nov-13 05:13 PM

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