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Vaco Loco - Zira Mono Synth Built With Korg Chips
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GTRman    Said...

What is going on these days, it seems like everybody is in a race to see who can make the cheapest piece of crap instrument.

16-Jul-13 02:01 PM

Brandon    Said...

I am into hardware and have been getting records out since 93 to this present day . People like this are what keeps us inspired. Most gear is very expensive and tedious to use. These freaky little synths are great sound sources. The cheapest pieces of gear are what ,house ,electro and acid and techno started on. You can't know your music history on a very basic level. Joy Divisions synth was a diy etc.Fuckin grow up.

16-Jul-13 02:32 PM

2cents    Said...

Paul Maddox has been designing innovative instruments and contributing to the diy community for more than a decade. His work is the very opposite of cheap crap. =

17-Jul-13 09:24 AM

BYong    Said...

Hay Brandon, Name some of your music we have heard. I thought so. Cheap instrument make cheap music. You need to grow up and get into big boy instruments. And take some lessons on etiquette for that trashy mouth of yours.

22-Jul-13 06:51 AM

Bing Bong Baby    Said...

Byong... and your music anybody has heard of is ? Loud mouths make quiet music, apparently ;-P

Roland's little cheap boxes were called crap by most of us elder electro heads while you were still rotting in the sperm bank. Now they're 'classics.'

True talent can make music with any kind of instrument and enjoy doing so. You hip hop losers who need a Triton to sample somebody else's work and hit one button to play chords should consider going back to your job at Burger King and stop trolling the music sites.

23-Jul-13 01:52 AM

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