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Apogee Electronics Symphony 64 ThunderBridge Ships
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Funkdefino    Said...

Awesome! A large silver box so you can connect a larger silver box.

I guess it's a way of keeping current users happy they can at least upgrade to a New Mac Pro when it comes out.

Would be nice though if they updated the current "Symphony" to have Thunderbolt built in, so you wouldn't need the extra "silver box" if you bought one new.

Guess that goes against logic right? Why would you need "undesired silver box" if we include it in "desired silver box".

12-Jul-13 01:05 PM

cocteau    Said...

Sad that for $1k they couldn't make it an internal card with a bunch of other digital IO ( DB25 AES + word clock + adat etc )

I had such high hopes for the Symphony ...

12-Jul-13 10:47 PM

Christopher Simmons    Said...

Still, for 64 channels of high quality I/O, access to direct inline highspeed storage, it's a pretty nice solution for those of us who actually need this kind of power.

13-Jul-13 02:47 PM

cocteau    Said...

I agree it is a wonder tool -

But when I look at using to UAD apollo 16s or 2 Symphony's ... UAD seems to have the best bang for the buck ... ( yes it is a little less flexible, but you get the DSPs , and cost much less )

13-Jul-13 06:20 PM

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