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Summer NAMM: Korg Releases Free M1 Sound Library For Krome
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Chris    Said...

Wow, what a exiting news... awsome idea... A very kreative company.... ;-( GIVE US MONOPOLY FOR IPAD!!!!

12-Jul-13 05:10 AM

DRUM    Said...

it is cool but Korg did you forget for m3 users or oasys obsolete great device,.??since korg update for m3 OS is 2 or 3 years ago Shame on you korg

will go for yamaha support and synnth or kurzweil sounds better not so fancy displays but sounds better than kronos and all crap ,.i was m3 user but i sold it cause of lack for custumer support and korgs ignorance

build decent snyth not all same old story every year new design old same sounds like roland

15-Jul-13 06:08 AM

jsepeta    Said...

the only company who (almost) never leaves their synth owners behind is Kurzweil. you can play patches from the K2000 (1993) on the latest and greatest PC3K8 (2011) and have full editing over all the parameters. Korg, Yamaha, Roland and others should make a flexible architecture, and try sticking with it for a decade.

31-Jul-13 01:08 AM

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