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Summer NAMM 2013 Live Blog - Day 1
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Nick b    Said...

Sorry for the delay folks. Experiencing network issues on the ground

11-Jul-13 01:20 PM

Darth Pastor    Said...

What's your thoughts on the West Coast Pedalboards? Also is Visual Sound there? Wondering what their new possible pedal is.

11-Jul-13 02:24 PM

Michael E    Said...

Darth Pastor, Visual Sound is not here, although I have been in contact with Steven over there and we're having lunch next week. He sent me a picture of one of their new pedals however I can't spill the beans until they make their official announcement. I will say that it looks pretty bad ass though!! The housing is completely different, and from what I've been told about the circuits, (they) sound different and better than their previous pedals... BUT, I haven't played through any of them myself yet - hopefully next week. I'm a big fan and user of their pedals. Not only do they make a great product, they are just first class people!

11-Jul-13 11:28 PM

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