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Touch Control Modules For Studio Consoles
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GTRman    Said...

Make sure you have lot's of Windex handy.

08-Jul-13 11:20 AM

DrFink    Said...

How does that replace a console? This doesn't even make sense.

08-Jul-13 06:19 PM

Chris Simmons    Said...

DriFink: It replaces a mixing console by using virtual faders, or studio racks of f/x in software. Pretty clear to me.

Ha! I probably wouldn't use Windex on these; but a micro fibre cloth would be good -- I use one for my ipads, and touch screen in my studio to get rid of the pesky fingerprints (and then some hand cleaner...)

08-Jul-13 06:48 PM

Blake    Said...

If STudio One doesn't get EuCon support soon, I'm going to go this route.

08-Jul-13 10:38 PM

ViewMe    Said...

I don't understand why the viewing angle is not talked about in the article.

Its one of the most important things working on a screen were you're not constantly in front of.

09-Jul-13 03:57 AM

dzny    Said...

I also fail to see any info about integration with an analog console here - looks like a touch screen vendor.

12-Jul-13 10:33 AM

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