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Kemper Profiler Amp Gets A Major Update
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Dude    Said...

Too bad they wont ever upgrade the sound engine as stated by the developer, cause i think the distortion is very solid staty and harsh. Amp factory profiles are great but still show this behaviour, all profiles have the same fingerprint. Too little CPU power, its not worth the price tag at all.

01-Jul-13 05:50 PM

Your wrong dude    Said...

Dude, you have got to learn to use it,for me all the stock profiles sounded as you sated but it didn't take long to sort it into pure bliss, besy gear purchase of my 30 years of playng.

02-Jul-13 06:57 PM

You assume too much    Said...

What makes you think i didnt learn or i dont know how to use it? All profiles have the same 'sound' only different by the sound of the cab. But the real problem is ITS HARSH.

02-Jul-13 09:07 PM

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