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New Nord Synth Is Now Available
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Peter K.    Said...

It does sound damn good...

25-Jun-13 12:31 PM

mixedmessages    Said...

...but is this video telling us that you need 2 of them to get a decent sequence going?

25-Jun-13 12:38 PM

raphus    Said...

I wonder if they're really wave*tables*, or just digital wave*forms*.

26-Jun-13 01:45 PM

Synht_Fan    Said...

They are waveforms, stored in RAM and each waveform originally generated from a wavetable (by Clavia). There are 128 of them (I downloaded the NL4 Manual from their website and read it up). So they are effectively the same and the "Digital" waveforms found on Korg workstations or the "Stuff" waveforms found on the Yamaha SY77/99 from the early '90s.

26-Jun-13 02:23 PM

GTRman    Said...

Please, anything but red.

27-Jun-13 09:44 AM

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