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Korg Volca Range Previewed By Inventor
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audionerd    Said...

This guy is awesome!

24-Jun-13 07:01 PM

GTRman    Said...

That was " in my opinion" just a horrible collection of rambling noise. Very annoying. Is this the best Korg can do.

25-Jun-13 06:46 AM

Chris    Said...

GTRman: They are just synth boxes, it does take some musical know-how to get something good out of it - same as a guitar, a keyboard or any other instrument.

Whether it's to your tastes, well, that's another thing entirely.

Personally they fill a niche gap for affordable analogue gear and I know a few people who will enjoy playing with these.

25-Jun-13 07:15 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

Yum when i first saw/heard them on youtube and here, and yum now. More so in fact, due to the cheap-as-chips price. Korg are going to be on overdrive just making these and the ms20 for the next year. Fun, with a capital F

26-Jun-13 03:43 PM

Protech    Said...

I did not know Korg was in competition with Hasbro the toy company.I thought they were a musical instrument company. I expect to see 1000 of these on eBay for half the price in 6 months or less.

27-Jun-13 06:55 AM

Kevin    Said...

one persons noise is another persons music. that kick drum doesn`t sound like a toy to me..

27-Jun-13 09:25 AM

Protech    Said...

What kick drum? That is a sine wave.

27-Jun-13 09:42 AM

Louisa    Said...

Kevin is right, these sound as good as professional synths, massive bass. And features no one has seen in such a small package - three analogue VCOs!

Just because it's small and portable does not make it a toy, it makes it convenient.

Just because it's limited doesnt prevent it from being a useful musical instrument. An acoustic guitar has many limitations. But it did alright.

I agree the 'music' made isn't to my cup of tea" but the demonstrations give a clear idea of sound function and flexibility, without making music which might be one genre or another, which would put off many viewers if it isn't their genre, and possibly limit the potential users can envision of the instruments.

I wish all my synths looked and felt and cost the same as a toy! I might have been having a lot more fun making music all these years and might ea lot richer to boot.

I for one hope his is the ginning of an industry wide trend!

27-Jun-13 01:39 PM

Kaydee    Said...

Waste of money. Professionals need professional equipment not toys from China. I don't care how good or new they sound they are junk and designed for kiddies to play with in their bedrooms. I thought Korg was a professional instrument manufacturer? All they do any more is design cheep China made junk. Have fun children. I like real men with real instruments.

28-Jun-13 06:48 AM

Louisa    Said...

Lol Real Men buy $4000 synths.

28-Jun-13 04:17 PM

Louisa    Said...

Lol Real Men buy $4000 synths.

28-Jun-13 04:17 PM

Sammy    Said...

I'm most impressed by the reviewer. Not only does he clearly speak (most likely, anyway) perfect fluent Japanese, but he speaks perfect fluent English -- with an English accent no less. I felt inspired by watching him talking about his inventions as well.

If people here want to pull rank on Korg for continuing to release portable inexpensive products, then they should at least look at the entire history of said products for the last 15 years or so. The Electribe series was considered by a lot of people to be toys -- but today, they are often sought-after because the oldest ones aren't made anymore.

Let's also not forget that the revered TB-303 and TR-909 were "toys" when they were released in the mid-1980s -- but today, each can fetch thousands of dollars.

I'm all for paying good money for well-engineered products. But let's give Korg some credit. I think that they are the best (large corporation) hardware synth company on the planet right now.

29-Jun-13 09:00 PM

RJL    Said...

People like gtrman and protech, you just sound like complete prick douchebags. Have a little respect, would you badmouth Bob Moog that way? I don't see any famous gtrman or protech synths on tne market so shut your smug mouths.

01-Jul-13 01:12 AM

RJL    Said...

Kaydee too.

01-Jul-13 01:17 AM

MikeO    Said...

Wow guys... How can you dismiss these "toys" just because they're cheap and portable? Honestly, you are just plain stupid. I own some very expensive analogue synths but can also enjoy and use an OP-1. I wish there was more "toy-like" synths. I've been making a living out of music for 10+ years and for me it's about HAVING FUN. These Volca synths sound good, they're portable, have decent features AND THEY ARE $150!!! If you need a $3000+ synth to feel you're serious about what you do, then you are an idiot. Grow up. I'll buy the Volca Beats.

04-Jul-13 09:40 PM

Josh    Said...

Anyone that knows anything about Korg or the history of electronic instruments in Japan and elsewhere know that there is a very obvious market for these little synth boxes and are making many people very happy thank you Tatsuya Takahashi!!! As for all of these so called "Pros" and there negative comments we all know you are full of "it".

12-Jul-13 11:08 PM    Said...

Korg's latest ventures are admirable. I have the Monotron (modded), Monotribe (Modded), Korg MS-20 (stock), and have already pre-ordered the 3 Volca Boxes. Sure there is a LOT to be desired with a box that costs less than $300: Hardware quality and S/N Ratio typically suffer. But for what these are, they are a LOT of fun and a great way to get those strapped for cash or people like me looking for a new 'toy'. Sure they aren't as impressive as my monster modular (pics at but still a great way to make cool music. Keep it up Korg!!

21-Jul-13 08:21 AM

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