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Podcast: Sonic TALK 318 - Waldorf Nave
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xyzzy    Said...

Gear! Synths! A classic SonicTalk episode. Cheers!

So much better than half an hour of "here's a new controller idea... do you think it's going to change the world?" and lots of waffling, hiding that everyone will have forgotten about it in a year's time. ;) A shame NonEric's audio is so distorted and his iPad output is so quiet. :(

20-Jun-13 10:06 AM

foo    Said...

> Zoom H6.... octopus with lots of cords coming out of it

Sort of like the new Mac Pro, then. :|

20-Jun-13 08:22 PM

foo    Said...

German efficiency crack... dying of laughter! Also 55m30s: "yavascript" ;) I love NonEric!

20-Jun-13 10:05 PM

Bhang    Said...

Never mind guitar jack 2, get the iPad Camera Connection Kit and use a usb audio interface with it.

21-Jun-13 04:18 PM

Bhang    Said...

UAD Ocean Way plugin: Guys, please! I love your reviews and almost everything Sonic State does but these Sonic Talks are a bit too disorganized. If you discuss new gear I believe each of you have a responsibility to form an opinion before entering into a discussion. None of you have had enough time with this plugin to have an opinion.

21-Jun-13 04:32 PM

Derek    Said...

Is that Dave teasing us with the GForce S.O.B. OB-8 emulation that he mentioned was cancelled back in 2008 on account of its CPU hungriness?

The one that was "accidentally" leaked at Winter NAMM 2006? :-)

C'mon... guesses?

21-Jun-13 07:59 PM

loneraver    Said...

Nick, out of curiosity, how are you going to contact me with my copy?

25-Jun-13 08:40 PM

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