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Live Blog: A Day In The Life Of Jordan Rudess
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Matt    Said...

Watching with interest. Hope we get some info about the new DT album!

20-Jun-13 09:38 AM

RP    Said...

A Day in the life of Jordan Rudess 9:00 Wake 9:05 Endorse product 9:10 Shower 9:15 Endorse shower manufacturer 9:30 Breakfast 9:40 Drop name of 'breakfast of choice' manufacturer in interview 10:00 Prepare product placement photos for Sonicstate Live Blog 10:05 on, see 9:05 etc, etc

20-Jun-13 01:36 PM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

Jordan Miss your Long hair you tube on practicing piano technique

20-Jun-13 08:19 PM

DonJon    Said...

Assuming he could stay awake 24/7 for an entire week, that might might just about be enough time for him to name-check his list of endorsement deals.

21-Jun-13 10:56 AM

Ed-Wan Kenobi    Said...

JR should wear a Hare Krishna braid out the back of his shaved dome while also wearing a clown's Yama Yama suit like Zippy The Pinhead. It would deflect attention away from his bombastic music. He's already got the billy goat/bridge troll goatee, he might as well take it over the top.

21-Jun-13 02:43 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Not sure about this "Blog" thingy on Sonicstate

Nick - suggest you think about abandoning it. Nice try, but it ain't working. Beginning to feel a bit -- "icky", entering the territory of 'heads up our own asses' if you know what I mean?

21-Jun-13 06:59 PM

Nick B    Said...

Synth Fan, I'm not sure I follow you, sure my blog post was perhaps a little self indulgent, but I needed to test the system to ensure it worked. Both the Steve Stevens and Jordan Rudess have proved to be pretty popular, we have some others line up too which I hope will be equally so. If you want to email me privately, so I can better understand your thoughts, I'd appreciate it

23-Jun-13 07:17 AM

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