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montychristo86    Said...

I ain't holding my breath for anything from NI coming down the pike - even if they finally update Reaktor.

14-Jun-13 01:32 AM

rp    Said...

A year ago NI stood a company with wide respect and a product release routine to be rivaled. Here they stand now with the driest release buzz possible selling off things at discount prices that greatly devalue worth.

I doubt anyone would pay full price now for their wares. I (who own almost every product they have ever released) certainly won't. Wait around and pick things up for a fraction the original price, its the IK Multimedia model

14-Jun-13 01:00 PM

azelrez    Said...

Tempting offer, but what bugs me is - if NI is struggling and goes out of business, how will I be able to authorize their software?

15-Jun-13 05:12 PM

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