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Product Presentation: Propellerheads Reason 7
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TB-404notfound    Said...

You need to add some ColdFusion code to your CMS that verifies whether the iOS MP4 download link works ;)

13-Jun-13 09:42 AM

Nick B    Said...

Your probably right, should be okay now

13-Jun-13 10:15 AM

Ted    Said...

My probably right?

13-Jun-13 12:38 PM

MC    Said...

Oh dear...someone wielding the grammar hammer unnecessarily.

13-Jun-13 01:41 PM

iWilk    Said...

Major screen abuse. I hate screen touchers! Great demo otherwise ;-)

13-Jun-13 09:27 PM

robgs    Said...

Did no-one notice the Mono-Poly in his list of instruments? :-)

16-Jun-13 05:15 PM

Woo    Said...

Screen touch! Must not be his own Mac.

Looks interesting, but complicated. MIDI routing seems a bit queer.

Just upgraded Ableton so there's my budget gone. But this looks intriguing enough to consider maybe in a year.

17-Jun-13 08:29 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Maybe it's time to upgrade, I still have Reason 2.5!

18-Jun-13 06:34 AM

MacK2    Said...

Sounds like the software security was just too good and like Adobe before them, they have had to downgrade it as there are no new kids (future licensed users)starting out with it.

19-Jun-13 05:26 PM

selercs    Said...

In order for Reason to catchup with Cubase, Logic, Sonar, etc, they still need to incorporate Video frame integration. I love the video integration in Sonar and Logic.

11-Jul-13 11:29 AM

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