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Podcast: Sonic TALK 317 - Mac Pronytail
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Krzysztof Szychowski    Said...

Trash prize....Well it wasn't so much of a throw away rather a trade that felt like i had just thrown away an incredible neck through body fretless handmade Lado bass for a classical guitar....? The guitar lasted about a week before it went for sale. boohoohoo. To add more pain pain to the event, 6 years after the "deal" was done i found myself living 3500 km across the country (BC Canada) wandering into a pawn shop in Victoria BC....scoping the bass section. Lo and behold there was the very same bass displayed (with buckle damage in the same spot) for sale for an out of reach $1200.


Krzysztof Szychowski

13-Jun-13 08:32 AM

moss    Said...

The MP3 link is again missing. Pleeeeeaaaaassse.

13-Jun-13 08:36 AM

Congo Jack    Said...

I threw away a kaoss pad 3. I was loocking for crazy distortion, so,i thought i could use different effects at the Same time, to transform sound, but it's impossible, then i smash it on the wall. And a few days later, and friend of mine came in and he saw the kp3 on the floor, and he was like : " what tha hell dude? I'll give you 200 dlls for it!. The kp3 was working alright, but it has some scratches. And yeah i've been using the trash 2 demo since december, it's amazing and i want to buy it, but father's day is coming and i don't want to spend all the money for myself. I'm buying something cool for my dad. Happy father's day!.

13-Jun-13 01:27 PM

Corey Bayus    Said...

I threw away my Realistic Concertmate MG1 like the teenage idiot I was when I was desperate to get out of my parents house. It had one broken key on it and thats all that was wrong with it. Since then I've learned to fix many things related to music equipment and just last week I easily fixed a key on my minibrute that my kids broke. (no gruel 'till someone confesses) . That, and the time I sold -for a pittance mind you- my Gibson ES 335 for rent money, have made me the packrat I am today. P.S. I now get along wonderfully with my parents now and visit them whenever I can, though I'm still glad I moved out.

13-Jun-13 04:14 PM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

Not so much regret but sadness all the same. One day my father who knows nothing about synths but ferrets around auction houses rushed over to my place to tell me he had spotted an old 'keyboard' with Roland stamped on it and was I interested. We raced down there and found a dirty, dusty looking JX3P buried under a pile of rubbish. I ended up winning it at auction for $AUS70. Getting it home I discovered that some of the keys didn't work and the sound was distorted and scratchy. No matter, it can be fixed I thought. After dismantling it however my heart sank when I discovered that at some point in its life someone had emptied a whole can of popular brown fizzy beverage in its innards. The boards were rotting away, the tracks were literally lifting off the PCB's. You know that old myth about what US traffic police used to use that liquid for, cleaning blood off the highway, I saw first hand what it does to electronics. A second opinion from a keyboard tech confirmed the sad diagnosis and we almost cried as it was heaved into a skip.

13-Jun-13 08:49 PM

McCreature    Said...

Trash. Christmas 1979. I begged my parents for a "Remco Sound Effects Machine" Against their better judgement they got it for me. It was my favorite toy and my intro to synthesis. When I got back from college I was horrified to learn that my mother had thrown it away. I've wanted to replace it for years. Just found one on Ebay..$450. Ugh.

14-Jun-13 10:46 AM

koraDave    Said...

Trash prize :)

When I was working on a 24 track (2" tape) project I needed to add a bansuri bamboo flute solo, but I was out of tracks. So I had to 'trash' (erase) the electric guitar solo. Lucky the engineer 'punched out' immediately after the flute player was done leaving one note from the original electric guitar solo. One very expensive note that I had just paid $125 for! You can hear it here - look for comment at the tail of the track :)

14-Jun-13 03:24 PM

Project    Said...

Trash: I actually trashed my first synth! It was a small diy thing that I built when I was 13 or 14. There was these electronics magazine that published this circuit for a small synthesizer and sold a kit. I built it, together with a classmate. I still remember when we tried it for the first time with his amplifier (i didn't have an amplifier at the time) and the square wave sound it generated. Problem was that then I realized that doing all the front panel labeling and building a keyboard for it would be much more complicated than building the thing; but, without a keyboard, it wouldn't be so useful... (at least that's what I thought back then, my hero of the time being Keith Emerson). In the end, my father helped me and a couple of years later he got me an MS-20. So after a few years of this little synthi box being unused I trashed it, but now I regret it, it would be nice to still have it ...In case you're wondering, I never trashed my MS-20, never even sold it, I still have it. I probably never trashed anything after that small synth, so I think Izotope should give me a copy of Trash so I can trash thing virtually!

19-Jun-13 01:01 PM

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